Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Me & Julius Ceasar

Veni, vidi, hmmn... I could keep going, actually.
- Julius Ceasar, upon completing his first lap around the three parts of Gaul.*

It wasn't that bad.

In fact, it could have been worse.

I'm not saying I like this running stuff, but this morning's run was not a Gauling experience. Shortened the amount of walking, increased the frequency of jogging, and survived okay.

Thankfully, after throwing a nasty wind storm tantrum yesterday, Mother Nature decided to make up for it with a calm, clear dawn. Freezing cold, but at least no trees were throwing any branches around.

After the warmup, jogged and walked 1 minute each for 24 minutes. (Tried 2/2 a couple of times, but didn't like it. Still an improvement on last week's 1/2 jog/walk ratio.) Thanks to Theresa for the lovely gold star!

*From Mary's Book of Curious, Spurious Quotations, CB Press, publication date uncertain. Quotation not verified by any sober and/or reputable historians.

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