Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sign up here for the Fitness Protection program!

I thought it was a joke. Silly Mary.

When I first read about this on 15 minute lunch, I didn't take it seriously. But Back in skinny jeans pointed me to an article in the NY Times that gave more information. (They've done scientific tests. Well then.)

It still sounds like some kind of elaborate leg-pull. As one of the scientists said, "It is almost too good to be true."

The idea is one that my inner slug devoutly subscribes to: it should be possible to get thin-and-fit without having to do anything. If this burns fat and builds bone density, that's good enough, right? Maybe it'll work my heart and lungs too, without my having to bother.

Yeah, right. I'm off to aerobics now.


Heather said...

wow that looks interesting to say the least! I have always wondered about products like that where all you have to do is just sit there, like that one product that pushes in your stomach and abs for you so you can walk around feeling like you are doing situps.

H said...

Where's the fun and pride in doing it if it's easy? :D

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hmmm, gotta say I'm intrigued. So instead of fat you get bone growth? Cool!

But I'd be kinda worried that if you start messing with the whole bone/fat stem cell thing, that you might end up with bones growing out of control or in weird places.

"No acthually, I nebber hab bone im by toungue befow I stawted wiff va plafform. Buh so wha! Wook how skiimmy I am!"