Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 19: 31 Days of Exercise

Edvard Munch - Winter in the Woods, Nordstrand (1899)
This is rather what it looks like outside my front door. Not quite as scenic.
13 days left in the year. I'm trying to go through everything I have, throw out things I don't need and organize all the rest. Hence, the emphasis on cleaning. I have to force myself to get up every few hours. Otherwise, I'll sit at my desk for four or five hours at a time.
  • AM: 15 minutes cleaning -done! Cleaned the driveway of snow and ice. Nicely red in the face now
  • Noon: 15 minutes cleaning-done!
  • PM: 45 minutes exercise DVD walk - done!


messymimi said...

It sounds like a great plan, and it's working!

The Merry said...

Fingers crossed!

solarity said...

Yay, Done!

Mary Anne in Kentucky