Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 30: 31 Days of Exercise

Raphael - Mary with the Child, John the Baptist and a Holy Boy (Madonna Terrranuova) - Google Art Project
  • AM: 15 minutes cleaning dancing around in my newly cleared living room. Seeing some of the benefits of cleaning the house and getting exercise! done
  • Noon: 15 minutes cleaning
  • PM: 45 minutes exercise DVD 2 solid hours planting the last of the bulbs. They're all nicely tucked away deep in the ground. It can snow next week and I won't care. But now I'm exhausted. I'm calling it done


messymimi said...

Now i want space to dance!

The Merry said...

Oh, it's a wonderful feeling, Messymimi! A great way to end the year.

solarity said...

Getting the bulbs planted is wonderful! When I got all mine done a few weeks ago I was so relieved. Yay!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

The Merry said...

Yes, and it was good exercise too :)