Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 13: 31 Days of Exercise

Hiroshige nuit de neige à Kambara

I think I need to try shifting things around a bit. Keep the exercise short and peppy in the morning and at noon, then try for a longer stint after work. See how that works.
  • AM: 15 minutes cleaning- done
  • Noon: 15 minutes cleaning -done
  • PM: 45 minutes walking - done. Or at least I moved my body in a lackadaisical manner for that amount of time. Not sure it qualifies as exercise.


Crabby said...

Just noticing you rocked your list yesterday!

And damn I can't get this song out my head, to the tune of... well, you'll recognize it.

I'm dreaming of a new guest post,
just like the ones you used to write,
with prose that glistens, blog readers will listen
just to hear your witty fun insights...

Um, ok, I ain't Irving Berlin. And you're hella busy. But if you ever get a hankerin... just know WE MISS YOU!!!

messymimi said...

When doing the same thing over isn't working, change it up! Good for you, i hope this gets the creative juices flowing.

The Merry said...

Thanks, MessyMimi!

Crabby, it's an idea, one worth pondering.

solarity said...

Please ponder!

For me, late day exercise feels so much better than morning-anything. But I'm one of the people who find exercise right before bed is helpful in getting to sleep, not a hindrance.

Mary Anne in Kentucky