Friday, December 09, 2016

Day 9: 31 Days of Exercise

Vasnetsov Snegurochka
  • AM: 15 minutes stairs, jumping jacks, lunges, walking in place, whatever. Get the blood moving. -Done! It might be a frozen wonderland outside, but I'm toasty indoors, thanks to the exercise.
  • Noon: 30 minutes exercise DVD -done
  • PM: 30 minutes aerobic walk/jog/dance housecleaning - Finally done!


messymimi said...

With all the aerobic housecleaning, i'll bet your place is staying spotless!

The Merry said...

That's the trouble -- I'm running out of things to aerobically houseclean.
Mind you, that's not a bad trouble to have. I've got more room to exercise now :)

Anonymous said...

You could aerobically clean my place! - GG

The Merry said...

It could be the start of a whole new career! House cleaning and entertainment at the same time!
Though not everyone appreciates my performance. The cat tends to run and hide until it's over. I think I've traumatized her for life.