Saturday, October 15, 2011

Does salty language come from your diet?

15 days into the 30-days of no sweets. It's actually going pretty well.

At the start, I was surprised. I would not have thought that I had a big sweet tooth, but out shopping I would find myself thinking it would be nice to pick up something chocolately or pastry-like. Just a niggling little impulse tugging me toward the sweets. I didn't act on it, but if I hadn't started this I never would have realized that I do eat more sweets than I thought.

I have noticed that I'm finding ways to sweeten the diet. The other day, I baked chicken with onions that I had sautéed until they were sweet. On impulse, I chopped up an apple and threw that into the mix as well. Came out quite nice, I thought. I don't think I would have eaten as much of it if not for the sweet bits.

Study du jour: Apparently, people who have a sweet tooth also have a sweet personality. I'm not sure I agree with the way they conducted the study, but I like the conclusion. Does this mean someone with a sour personality eats lots of pickles?

Exercise du jour: 1 hour on the elliptical.

Photo courtesy of Mykal Shaw.


Spilling Ink said...

I'm doing the no sweets thing as well and I'm finding the same thing as you are, that is I'm finding ways to include natural sweets.

EcoCatLady said...

Hmmm... perhaps I should stop eating so many bitter greens... maybe it would help my outlook on life!

messymimi said...

Lewis Carrol, in Alice in Wonderland, has Alice muse on this topic herself, wondering if sweets make you sweet tempered. She noted that if so, it should be generally more known to grown ups, so they wouldn't be so stingy about them!

Anonymous said...

I love the sweeties... but I also love the bitter, and sour, and way salty... am I well balanced? LOL! Not likely.
(nice intuitive cooking)

Amy said...

that is what I do on vacation...ooh, i'm on vacation and since i'm not in the caribbean I totally deserve some cookies...last time i went on vacation I made and ate an entire pan of rice krispie squares. it was not a proud moment.

Lee said...

Very interesting! I'd like to do this too...maybe the month of January. For now, I'll continue my 30 day fast from lima beans and liver. So far, so good.

Crayon said...

Considering that I can't seem to keep my hands out of the Halloween M+Ms that my husband insists on putting out in a special bowl at this time of year, let's hope it makes me sweeter so I don't choke him!

The Merry said...

Welcome, Crayon! I think Halloween M&Ms have less calories than the regular ones. Certainly candy put out in a special bowl has less calories. (That's my story, anyway.)

Lee, I've heard the Lima Bean and Liver Avoidance diet is also good at keeping you from being hit by stray comets from outer space and from being struck by lightning. Obviously a good diet.

Amy, I think we've all been there :)

Julie, I think you're broad minded. You like a bit of everything.

MessyM, I was just thinking that I should re-read Alice. It's been so long that I've forgotten much of it.

EcoCL, I keep reading that we should all be eating more bitter greens. Presumably this is diet advice given by bitter people? Former stock brokers, perhaps.

Ink Spiller, I didn't know I had company on this. Are you finding it hard to resist? (Do they even make a big deal of Halloween down under?)