Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What, again? I exercised Yesterday, damn it!

Quote du jour: I seated ugliness on my knee, and almost immediately grew tired of it.
- Salvador Dali

Well fine. If I have to exercise again, then I suppose I will get it done.
Self-pitying sigh

Really, I will remember how to be an Employed Person again soon. In the meantime, I'll use guilt to get me moving.

Exercise du jour: Again, another two friggin' miles of walking. This is setting the bar so low that it is pitiable. At the same time, it's setting the bar so low that I don't have any face-saving way to avoid exercising. What I'm after right now is, like a nun, getting back into the habit.

done?it's hard enough typing On an ip ad (sic), don't expect a gold star. I done the walk.


messymimi said...

It's the same thing that's so terrible about housework. You clean the dishes and make the beds, and six months later you have to do it all over again.

Retta said...

" What I'm after right now is, like a nun, getting back into the habit."

That cracked me up! Maybe because it's what I'm working on, too, with the exercise.

The Merry said...

Y'know, if you keep cleaning the house, it's never going to learn to take care of itself. Enabling that's what I call it.

EcoCatLady said...

You have my deepest condolences on the whole job thing. I don't know how anybody maintains a full time job without totally going postal.

I constantly have to remind myself that I exercise because it makes me feel good. It's just hard to make myself remember that when I'm tired and in a "I just don't wanna" mood. One of my tricks is to keep a yoga mat and hand weights by the television. Generally I can manage to roll off the couch onto the floor and then once I get started I end up having fun.

One word of caution though... I think that yoga and football don't really mix. For some reason I decided to do my yoga during the Bronco's game on Sunday, and before I knew it I had done almost 90 minutes of sun salutes and "chair pose." That was Sunday and my arms still haven't forgiven me for all of the chaturangas! Just have to remind myself that this sort of pain means muscles are being built and muscles burn fat even when I'm busy being a slug.

JavaChick said...

Yes, it takes very little time to get used to being home every day...Much more time to get used to going back to work. You'll get back in the swing of things soon. :)

The Merry said...

Something about combining football and yoga sounds bizarrely awesome.

EcoCatLady said...

I used to do step aerobics during the games. All of the stomping was a really good way to deal with my football anxiety - er... excitement... well, you know... overly devoted fan I fear.

But that was before I blew out me knee, so step aerobics are a thing of the past now. But alas, it seems that having a football team capable of generating excitement is also a thing of the past around here, so I suppose it all works out!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hey, setting a realistic goal and doing it is WAY better than setting a hugely challenging goal and not doing anything at all! Your body will thank you way more for those two miles than for unrealistic plans. And with a new demanding full time job... staying in the exercise habit is an amazing accomplishment!

The Merry said...

That comment drove me out of the building at lunch. I had to exercise after reading it. Couldn't back out.

MB said...

When you figure out how to get things done while beingbeing an employed person, please let me know your tricks. I've been back at work almost a month and still can't remember how I found the time to get anything accomplished, especially working out. Not that I did that much when of was working before but I NEED to find a way now. Lead the way. Good luck!