Monday, October 03, 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho ho's!

Me (to salesgirl): I love that you're selling Halloween stuff before Halloween instead of Christmas stuff!
Salesgirl: Thank you. Um... by the way, you don't want to look two aisles over.

Survived first day of work.

Good: Showed up before I was supposed to.
Bad: The rain turned my carefully achieved sleek & chic hairstyle into a frizz & 'fro style instead.
Worse: I showed up and discovered that I was going to be using a new software application that I've never touched in my life.

That last threw me a bit. I've double-checked, and nowhere is it mentioned in the job requirements when I originally applied. It certainly wasn't mentioned in the job interview. And yet, the other new tech writer who showed up today had heard about it. Well fine. BE that way. I'll just have to scramble, that's all. No doubt it's good exercise.

On the plus side, despite the highly caloric and tasty-smelling food in the on-site café, I did not touch sugar. Well, except for the odd tic-tac, but I've decided that does not count. I merely said "hi" to the other stuff.

Exercise du jour: A measly, crummy, lousy 20 minutes on the elliptical. Is work a good excuse for skipping exercise? I think not. Must try harder. After I get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

My movement today was all about pain, so yeah, I'm with ya. You got through Monday, good job. No one died.
(and I think my curse of the blocked comments is over)
p.s. sorry about your hair, mine went to shit this afternoon too

Judith said...

20 minutes is pretty damn good on the first day of a new job. The first day of a new job is one of the most stressful things ever.

nancy said...

The first WEEK on a new job is exhausting. Get lots of extra sleep if you can. Your brain needs it. So much to learn even without the new software being kept for a surprise.
Twenty minutes exercise AND your first day on a new job?! Damned impressive.
(I got a flu-type virus last night, so I've barely gotten out of my pajamas today. No walks at all. Sorry, team. I promise to do better as soon as I can.)

KarenB said...

Dang! I don't even have a new job as an excuse. Must go think of something . . .

I think you done good. No beating yourself up allowed!

Keith said...

New software is par for the course. I don't think you said what it is. Lots of on line help regardless of what it is. Good luck with new job!
Oh, doing what, btw?

The Merry said...

I write tech manuals. The software application is called Author-it.

One Crazy Penguin said...

You'll pick up the new program in no time.

I also got super flustered yesterday at Sam's Club. They have Christmas stuff out already. Seriously!?!

messymimi said...

Agreeing with Penguin, you will pick this stuff up fast.

You are in the habit of exercise, so it will stick if you keep at it.

Amy said...

an in house cafe...god...we can't even order pizza where i work. that's the number one thing i do when i visit civilization...order food to my door. first world problem of the day...

The Merry said...

This place has fresh pizza for breakfast, which was considered a delicacy where I came from.
Plus a cooked breakfast or lunch. Not to mention regular coffee and Starbucks coffee.

On the plus side, the buildings are so huge that walking to this cafe and back from my cubicle is (no, I'm not exaggerating) a quarter mile walk. Do that a few times, and you'll be on your way to a gold star for exercise :)

The Merry said...

I mean, it just blows my mind that while actually staying in the building I can walk that far. And the hallway goes on beyond that point. Maybe someday I'll take up indoor jogging in that hallway. I could probably go a mile before I have to turn around and jog back.

London Mabel said...

For me it's the first month of the job and it's still throwing me. Eek! I hope yours' goes a little smoother. :-)

Andrea said...

Congrats on the new job. So impressive they have an on-site cafe! I'm doing good on the no-sugar thing...except for the tablespoon of brown sugar I baked on my acorn squash, along with the butter. But if I eat sugar with squash, it doesn't count, right??

Crabby McSlacker said...

New Job? New Job????!!!!!!

Where the heck have I been? That's FANTASTIC! Congratulations!! You must have mentioned it before but somehow I missed it.

I think you've possibly set a record for highly skilled professionals finding new employment during a recession. I know lots of seemingly marketable folks who've been out of work and looking forever. (Not that I was gonna mention that while you were searching...)

Hope you got enough time off before applying nose to grindstone again!