Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It was the Lone Ranger, not the Lonely Ranger

Sadly, there are stretches of I-5 where you can only get one radio station. Why is it always a lousy one?

On my last road trip from California to Oregon, I ended up listening to a supposed 'relationship expert' from a supposedly 'Christian' station saying that people who aren't in a relationship grew up in problem families where they never learned to bond properly with others. Huh. All seven of my siblings are either married or planning to be shortly, and I distinctly recall growing up in the same family that they did.

Site du jour: The Coffee Helps blog had a good post about how sometimes people live alone because they need more alone time than most people.

Exercise du jour: 2 miles walk, 15 minutes elliptical
Yeah, yeah, I know. Same old. What can I say. I'm trying to get into a rut.

Semi-done. I mean, I got in a little over 5 miles of walking, but I'm giving up on the elliptical. Too damn tired. Tomorrow. Same blog, probably the same time. Damn it.


Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Don't you love it when people give advice? :)

Now I'm wanting to go on a road trip!!!

messymimi said...

Don't ask me to get into what i think of that supposed "Christian" viewpoint that is totally unbiblical.

Getting in a rut is the place to start, cause then you have a habit to tweak.

McB said...

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer. Deliver me from those who think that diversity is a four letter word. In some cases, literally. Lead me not into the temptation to slap them upside the head for the sin of intolerance, but deliver me from the evil of their stupidity. For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

backsp (sheesh, now blogger is issuing orders?)

EcoCatLady said...

Eee Gads! I think I might have preferred the hum of the engine over that sort of radio "entertainment."

In my perhaps not so humble opinion, the vast majority of what people refer to as "relationships" in our society have a heck of a lot more to do with painting a picture of oneself than they do with relating to another human being.

It's taken me many MANY years to come to terms with the fact that on some level I'd just rather be alone. Not that I don't have other people in my life... CatMan and I have been together for 18 years now... but we don't live together and have no plans to do so. But when I am faced with the choice of going to spend an evening making superficial small talk with a bunch of people I used to work with or hanging out with my cats... the cats win every time.

solarity said...

My, Coffee Helps nails it. Except I would not turn into a "self-doubting, needy, codependent, insecure, jealous creature" I would just be very, very bad-tempered.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Cat said...

Sometimes I wonder if the people who are supposed to be giving advice had to use it, would SHUT UP a bit more often...



Anonymous said...

I kept TRYING to be alone! No one would let me!

Ruts work, the deer don't seem to mind them at all.

Also, we need to talk about something when you aren't so damn busy with this WORK shit all the time... stretches, I need advice (and professional help, but lets not go there now).

The Merry said...

Oh deer ;)