Saturday, February 26, 2011

February, you've outstayed your welcome

I am bored with winter.
And with trying to exercise in winter.
And with whining about trying to exercise in winter.

But wait! I know how to cheer myself up -- I'll write something brilliant and funny and heart-warming and endearing and totally, like, interesting and all that stuff! I am creative! I can write anything!

Um... no. Not today. Thus the urge toward self-expression is thwarted and diverted into the default behavior of searching on Google to see if someone else has something interesting to say.

I thought there might be some good sites out there on How To Make Exercising Interesting Even If It Is February, but they all involve me doing something that resembles hard work. So I found some other sites instead.

Equine Insanity wrote a good post about fear and animals.

The Ironic Catholic noted that a worldwide chocolate shortage brings people closer to God.

My new love Chart Porn posted a graph that charts women's earnings against men's earnings in the same field. Useful tip: don't go into banking if you're female.

An old post from An American Girl in Singapore led me to a fascinating study. You know how people of European ancestry used to complain that all Asians look alike? Turns out from the Asian perspective all Europeans look alike too. Caucasians and Asians don't examine faces in the same way.

A humorous site, stolen leveraged from PastaQueen, is the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator. Create a best-seller, just by clicking!

And a video: Don't you ever interrupt me while I'm reading a book! (Stolen shamelessly from Librarians are weird.)

Photos of a hibiscus and condo on Maui, plus a random beach on Molokai. Sigh.


solarity said...

But...but...chocolate brings me closer to God by giving me a taste of heaven!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

The Merry said...

Maybe they're praying for chocolate? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you googled around and found "other" entertaining crap to distract us all. How kind and selfless you are.

messymimi said...

It would cheer me up if i could write those witty and amazing posts, too. Like you, i'd rather read what other people are doing. To me, you are one of those other people!

Sassy B. said...

Lurve the video...will have to post it on the ol book blog.

It's always a relief when February comes to an end. The chocolate holiday helps and all, but not enough.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahahahaha! I'm stealing that video for my next post!

And I'm not citing YOU as my source! Even though ... I'm a librarian! (But I'm also a gangsta, so I sample without attribution all the time. It's how I be.)

The Merry said...

Thanks for the guilt -- I mean, for the reminder. I synergistically leveraged that video from a librarian's blog, but forgot to include the link. Fixed now.

Andrea @ The Skinny Chronicles said...

Thought of you last night while watching Hugh Jackman at the Oscars!

Dr. J said...

I heard that Hugh looked great on the red carpet :-)

Merry said...

People keep telling me that! Dang it, why am I the only person who missed seeing him? Why???!!!! anguished wail

Gay Straight Alliance said...

Hey, you, thanks for stopping by with the Fit-Bottom Girls info. That is my neck of the woods. I won't be doing the challenge (in with another program at the moment), but I like Shandrelle's blog. Thanks, again!