Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thoughts on the New Zealand quake

Site du jour: Gotta love the New Zealanders' sense of humor. I present to you a home for sale, with free rocks thrown in landscape rocks for sale in Christchurch. (I loved the comments that went with this listing.)

Yes! This boulder could be yours! Will brighten up any living room!

Plus, courtesy of the awesomely named The Art of Not Working, a Facebook list:

You know you're in Christchurch when:
1.You use the term "liquefaction" and "seismic design" in casual conversation.
2.Digging a hole and pooping in your garden is no longer weird.
3. Your mayor describes the city as munted. If he means FUBARed, you agree
4.Weaving through car size potholes on the street is no longer weird
5.Going to Wellington to escape earthquakes makes sense
6.A shower is heaven
7.You have a preference of which kind of silt you'd rather shovel, dry or wet
8.You see tanks driving around town
9.You are always noting what you are standing under
10.Due to frequent aftershocks during the night, you sleep like a baby--every 10 minutes you wake up and sh*t yourself.

And finally, from The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl, comes word of a Virtual 5k, Run for Christchurch, on the weekend of March 12-13. The idea is not only to send money to the Red Cross to help New Zealand quake victims, but also to show support for the Kiwis.

p.s. Thanks to Mary Anne in Kentucky, I include Rebuilding Christchurch: one sandcastle at a time.

For me, today, the plan is to ride the bike. Now. I'll plan on the 5k next week. Want to join me?

Fail. Wait -- don't give up on me! I'll explain.

Look, I'm still on for the 5k next weekend. In fact, I'm planning to cycle tomorrow. The problem with today was that I'd forgotten there was an early morning meeting that I had to show up for. No, really, I had to. I was all dressed up and ready to cycle when I remembered, and if it hadn't been for that pesky meeting, I would have ridden in. Sigh. It was a beautifully warm day for cycling, too. A day like this almost makes me believe in the possibility of Spring. Watch tomorrow be rotten weather.


Shauna said...

you are a star dear merry! :)

The Merry said...

Thank you, Shauna!

Judith said...

Thanks Merry. The Facebook "You know you're in Christchurch" page has new entries all the time. And bidding for the rock is up to $7000. Amazing!

messymimi said...

Will donate.

As for running, we will be on vacation to Disney World, and will probably have walked/run/chased after teens twice that far by then. Hope that counts.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

2. Digging a hole and pooping in your garden is no longer weird.

When was this ever weird? I'm just asking what everyone's thinking!

I'm from the Garden State, and garden pooping is a large part of the reason our state is so green. Well, first brown ... then green.

Thanks for the heads up on the Virtual 5k and the reminder to donate! Count me in on both.

Gay Straight Alliance said...

-- laughter through the tears, I'm sure.

#10 - Snort!

Thanks for the links.

solarity said...

Here's more Christchurch whimsy:

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Keith said...

Loved Rocky, hope he sets a new record as the world's most expensive rock.

Pip said...

Thanks for supporting our 5k Merry. It's been overwhelming how far the word has traveled. You're amazing!