Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She who hesitates doesn't ride her bike to work

Quote du jour: Home is whatever you can rebel against.
- Pico Iyer

You (i.e. I) gotta get up earlier and leave earlier for work if I want to leave the house pedaling.
It's not stormy out right now. It's not even snowing... at least, not on the route I take.
So what's keeping me here? Besides my natural inclination to stay where it's warm rather than face the cruel, cruel world out there.
Sorry, can't talk now. Gotta go.

Exercise du jour: Cycling to work. 16 miles.
FAIL. Well, I didn't do the full 16. On the other hand, I did haul myself out the door and on the bike. It's not my fault that as I'm pedaling along, the rain changed to thick, heavy snowflakes. All of a sudden it felt like I was cycling along in a snowglobe that someone had shaken up. Kinda hard to see where I was going. The evening ride didn't have the predicted thunderstorm, but on the other hand it did have lots of black ice, which I don't like much either.
Maybe I'll give myself a star for trying even though all the Fates conspired against me. I did get some miles of cycling in, though not as many as I'd wanted.
There! Take that, Fate!


C said...

Hope you don't encounter another blizzard on the ride home.

The Merry said...

They're predicting thunder :(

messymimi said...

Once you're done, you won't regret facing it.

That doesn't help on this side of the front door, does it.

Go anyway.

als said...

Good for you for getting out there! I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate...

I need to figure out a route to work and start getting up early enough to bike to work as well...

Anonymous said...

I was miserable in that crap today, and I was in the car! You should get an extra star, just for the effort, and the hazards.

The Merry said...

MessyM, you're right. Everything on the other side of that front door might have been messed up, but I still get points for gearing up to cycle through it.

Hi there, ALS! Please join us out on the cycling frontier.

Julie, I think the weather is worse in your neck of the woods. At least, the hills are a whole lot steeper in Springfield!