Monday, February 07, 2011

Plugging the time sink

Quote du jour: I named my iPhone 'The Titanic.' Now, every time I plug in the phone I see the message 'The Titanic is syncing.' - from Twitter.

Word du jour: Dalliance: Waste of time in frivolous action or in dawdling.

More and more, it seems to me that what's holding me back has changed. I'm no longer facing the challenge of overcoming my Inner Slug so I can get out there and exercise. The I.S. seems to have accepted the fact that most of the time it's going to lose. What I now have to wrestle with is the peril of time sinks.

You know the sort of thing. People* who hang out on Facebook talk about Farmville. Gamers have to deal with World of Warcraft. And there's always online Scrabble games. You just open the computer/phone/iPad up for one minute... and then look up an hour later to realize you've stepped into another time sink. Even something as simple as answering a few emails can cost you more time than you realize.

I've conditioned my mind and my body to accept exercise, but I find that I can get sideswiped by Life coming along and demanding my attention Right Away. If I had been more conscious of the time I frittered away, I could have gotten the exercise in first and not had to postpone it for another day.

Managing time is like managing a budget; it's one of those thing that I always have trouble with. I'm going to try to fix this with going on an Internet diet.

Goal of the week: The computer is going to be turned off promptly at 7:07 pm in the evening, and not turned on again until the following afternoon. Hell, I'm online all day at work; I can answer an emergency email if I have to. But no playtime for Merry. (Wah)

I'm going to try that for one week and see if there are any improvements to the a)weight b)exercising c)house organizing d)life.
Done! Yes, I know it's actually 7:09 but I am out of here!

Exercise du jour: 2 miles jogging. I need to do this earlier rather than later. No putting it off until the evening... 'cause 99% of the time that means 'never.'

Done! Not brilliantly, not briskly, but done. Why do my knees hurt? For that matter, I'm getting a headache. I wish being virtuous was more rewarding.

*i.e. everyone on the planet besides myself, my mother, and one of my brothers.

Photo courtesy of Fotologic.


Mcb said...

You know, online games don't hold a lot of attraction for me. I'll play one for a bit, but then I get bored*. Since Facebook and Twitter don't hold much attraction for me either (Alex, I need another vowel, and more consonants, and a peck of punctuation please. I can't have reached my character limit yet; I still have things to say! Oh, and can I break this into paragraphs?) I don't get drawn into a lot of that stuff anyway.

*Okay, the boredom doesn't set in until I reach a level I can't advance past. Actually, frustration sets in first; and since I don't like delayed gratification I end up going back to the levels I can triumph over until that gets old and THEN I get bored. But it's still boredom.

C said...

Sounds like a plan, Stan! But why 7:07 pm exactly?

Merry said...

It sounded more impressive than an even number :)

And McB, what about chat-blogs? They can be sinks too, oui?

messymimi said...

The timer works. Answer one email or read and respond to one blog, then set the timer for 15 minutes and go accomplish something else.

Yes, setting the timer before beginning works for getting to stuff that takes more than 15 minutes.

Good luck.

McB said...

Blogs? You chat on blogs? With people you've never met? Geez, next thing you'll be inviting them into your home. :eye roll: Its a wonder nobody has harvested your organs yet.

Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 said...

This computer allergy thing has been a blessing in disguise -- less email and blogging time sinks.

Here's a quote I've always loved: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." But, there is that moment of "Ugh! That was too much." (I'm still talking about time not food).

WORD VERIFICATION: amigosta, as in, "Mi amigosst, su amigosta." or "AMIGOSTA!!! I've spent too much time on this definition!"

Gina - What Am I Supposed To Do With That? said...

(eyes rolling)...mi's not easy writing with pencil erasers

Anonymous said...

Put me on the list of people who don't have a FB page and don't play games. Instead I spend far too much time reading other people's blogs. Because I'm insane. I have to read everything the person has ever typed or even mentioned in passing... in order! On the up-side, I feel very current. On the down-side, it's way too OCD to be comfortable with.
(who must, in all honesty, admit to tweeting)

Retta said...

If I knew how to block anything remotely connected to Farmville (and timewasters like it) from my Facebook page, I would in a flash!

Hmmm... time sinks and internet diets. You've given me food for thought!