Friday, February 11, 2011

Me & Alfred Hitchcock

Yes, it's a photo I used once before. But it's cold outside, and this photo is hot.

Number of migraines: 1
Number of days entertaining said headache: 4
Minutes of exercising accomplished: 20 (on Tuesday)

Le sigh. At least I made it to Friday. Why does a headache leave you feeling wiped out? I mean, it's not as if I were working out or anything. Unfair, I call it.

Site du jour: Celebrities riding a bicycle. Somehow, I hadn't associated Alfred Hitchcock with bike riding. Sadly, no pictures of Hugh on the site. Yet.

Exercise du jour: Call me optimistic, if you will, but today the aim is to ride the bicycle. If Hitchcock can do it, why not me?
Done! Alfred was an inspiration. Or else having the wind at my back made the ride seem easier. 12 miles and all's well.

Photo courtesy of Barbara.Doduk


C said...

That site is not up to date.

Hope your headache goes away soon.

The Merry said...


McB said...

Sorry about the migraine. As you well know, they are much more than just a headache, more than just a bad headache, so cut yourself a break.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Sorry about the headache :( Hope you feel better and good luck on getting on the bike today! Channel the Hitchcock. Be the Hitchcock.

messymimi said...

Even having a headache is unfair. Sorry it wiped out your week.

Didn't Mr. H make an appearance in every one of his movies, and in one he was riding a bike in the background? Haven't seen any of his movies in so long i don't remember.

The pic did its job, i felt warmer for a moment.

Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 said...

uhhhh um ... Did you say something? {she says while eyes are transfixed on photo}

Oh, yeah, headache.

Seriously, would you tell HIM you had a headache?

Lu @ Done Dieting said...

Migraines are awful. Whenever I get one I have a residual headache for 3 days after it. I hope you feel better. I love Fridays on your blog.

LMI said...

Real migraines are awful--they leave you sapped, so don't feel bad.

Hooray for the bike riding! Hooray for the hot recycled picture!