Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Brainless exercising

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Wince-inducing quote du jour: Sheridan and Delenn are the 'Arthur and Guinevere' of Babylon 5. - Bruce Boxleitner

[For those who've never watched Babylon 5, Bruce Boxleitner was the actor who played Sheridan, i.e. one of the two romantic leads. I don't think he's read a lot of Arthurian tragedy. ]

Site du jour: Annals of Improbable Research, "research that makes people laugh, then think." If you ever need to know about the aerodynamics of a boomerang, this is the site to visit. Even sometimes has useful stuff, like the notice of the FDA recalling a candy called Toxic Waste. My current favorite is a study on how computers are being used to write novels. No, not by you typing on the keyboard. The computer itself indulges in Brainless Writing.

Exercise du jour: Brainless exercising. Actually I think that might help. I think too much about exercising when I should be out doing the dang stuff. 2 miles around the track.
Done! You would've been proud of me. I looked at my schedule for the day, saw that it was back-to-back meetings all afternoon, and decided to go out running Early. (You know me. I never do anything early.) It was a quick impulse decision; I didn't stop to think it through. I did start to answer Just One More Email, but then I realized that if I sat there for another minute I'd start to dally, which would lead to dilly-dallying, which would lead to 6 p.m. with no exercise done. So I went for it.
p.s. All you people suffering through snow and below-insane temperatures? I'm sorry for you, I really am, but today was absolutely beautiful: bright sunshine, blue skies, and all the trimmings. Crocuses are starting to bloom. I think we're getting all this good weather at your expense. Maybe this would be a good time to visit?
Plus, 4 miles walking.


messymimi said...

Making the exercise a habit you don't have to think about has you doing it already before your brain has a chance to kick in and say "i don't wanna!" That's my goal for someday.

Meanwhile, like you, have to convince myself not to spend the time fussing and just do so.

Tricia said...

Hmmm...imagine if we worked out everytime we told ourselves we SHOULD workout....

crazy thought

The Merry said...

Whoa -- gettin' pretty radical there, Tricia! :)

JavaChick said...

Crocuses? We've probably got four months to go before we see crocuses. Trying to remember why I like living here...

Dr. J said...

Perhaps I missed it but I don't remember seeing anything about Hugh Jackman in this post??

Maybe I'm at the wrong site :-)

The Merry said...

slaps forehead
Dang! I knew something was missing :(

Anonymous said...

It was simply gorgeous here today too (probably because I am barely two hours away from you). But I am concerned about what we will get in another week or two... it's gonna be harsh I just know it.