Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Monday? Sorry. Just erased it.

Okay, yesterday didn't happen.
I have wiped Monday out of existence.
I am going to start over again today and get it done.

Exercise du jour: Me. Walking shoes. The road. 5 miles. It shall be done.
Done! Today was a damn fine Monday. Much better than the one I erased. At least, it will be once the headache goes away.

comic courtesy of xkcd


Theresa said...

Monday? What Monday? I didn't see a Monday any where lurking around.

messymimi said...

Mondays do not exist on this plane or in any of my inner worlds. They have been replaced by the one day of the week I treat myself to a good cup of coffee made by someone else, and converse with friends I see on no other day of the week.

I need to think of a name for that day, but it is not Monday.

azusmom said...

What is this "mon day" of which you speak?

Neil Gaiman is a god.