Sunday, May 09, 2010

If I ignore it, maybe it will go away

If I ignore it, maybe my thyroid will go away...

Okay, maybe not.

Boring background paragraph: About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (a.k.a. autoimmune thyroiditis). Which means that every so often my immune system gets honked off and decides to attack my thyroid gland with, as they say, hilarious results. Or not.

I tend to treat this as if it's not a serious problem and generally it's not. I've had a sub-clinical case for so long, I'd started to feel it wasn't something I needed to reckon with. The past couple months of living on caffeine and fast food... maybe that wasn't such a great idea.

Turns out that trying to make up for lack of sleep and exercise by drinking copious amounts of coffee is like taking an advance draft on funds you don't currently possess. Sooner or later, the Authorities come lookin' for you. And when you piss off your thyroid, it has a whole lot of authority.

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I got to the point where I was exhausted when I woke up, exhausted when I went to sleep, and dragging the whole time in between. Last Sunday, it took me four tries to mow my very small backyard lawn.

Even my brain was moving slower than usual. "Brain fog," they call it. The persistent headache is also a classic hypothyroid-problem: my face swells up like a balloon, the area between the eyebrow and the eye itself swelling up to the point where my eyes become half-hidden. All this pressure on the eyes causes a headache that no amount of ibuprofen can make go 'way.

So this past week, I didn't do a whole lot of exercise. Walked a grand whopping total of 12 miles. No cycling or nothin' like that. Ate vegetables, slept, took it easy.

I'm feeling better, so I am -- yes, for the 231st time -- going back to my exercise routine. Hell, I might not be fast, I may not get great results quickly, but I have honed my stubborn streak until it is as hard as steel. Don't mess with me. Outta my way. Stubborn fat chick coming through. Grrr.


messymimi said...

Thyroid -- the hidden problem so many of us have, and that doctors so often ignore.

Exercise, eat right, and get to the doctor if you need to.

LaShaune said...

You poor thing. I sure hope you start to feeling normal again. I can only imagine the pain. My boss has angioedema and swells like a blow fish. Last month it flared up along with food poisoning. He was miserable.

If I may make a suggestion...if your on meds for the Hashimotos and you have soy in your diet, lower your soy intake to the bare minimum so your body can absorb your meds better (just a thought - I'm not a doctor, just work with a bunch of them).

Shelley said...

So next time can you whip out your diagnosis and show your boss that you can't be working all of those crazy hours? (I'm still mad at him)

Glad you are feeling better - that does not sound like fun at all, what you've been going through!