Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big shoes, small goals

Quote du jour: People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar

Recycled the quote du jour because a)it's still true b)I'm tired and want to go exercise rather than hunt for the mot juste. Had to get up for a 7 a.m. meeting today because it was the only time that people in Oregon, Australia and Spain could all get together for a phone conference. I hate outsourcing. The people are fine, but the time zone hassles stink on ice.

Okay. Whine done. It's safe to come back now.

Exercise du jour: Whining

Walking 2-3 miles, 30 minutes with Ellie the Elliptical.

Done! Okay, I lied. What I actually did was cycle for 30 minutes instead, because the walk got postponed until tomorrow and my knee is bothering me. And I'm trying to work up enthusiasm to work late tonight. Go me. Yeah. Woo. Oh the hell with it.

Picture of the Adidas campus in Portland.


LaShaune said...

For some reason, I want to don faux gold rope chains, gold door-knocker earrings, white furry kangol, black square frame glasses, and black running jumpsuit all the while singing - My Adidas!

PS, I'd much rather be in Spain.

Tricia said...

Love it!

The quote...not your work issues


Anonymous said...


Okay, I know you live in a different time zone, but I'm pretty sure the same laws of nature apply -- well, except for the ones that have to do with rain.

That is an enormously awesome goal!

We need to work on your vocabulary skillz, dear.

soldemip: younger weaker cousin of Voldemort

messymimi said...

The exercise star is deserved. When you had knee trouble, you didn't just give up and sit on the couch, you found another exercise to do.

I can't even coordinate 4 kids and a Sweetie in the same time zone, I can't imagine having to bridge that gap!