Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Logic can take you to some pretty strange places

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I've been thinking. Always dangerous when that happens.

I've noticed that what Theresa said was true: simply doing the dishes is a way of organizing the universe, or at least the part of the universe that is within my circle of experiencing. Leaving all the counters and the sink clean at the end of the day, as the Fly Lady suggests, is a way of making sure that when I stumble out of my bedroom in the morning, my environment sends vibes of 'neat,' 'organized,' and 'in control' to my waking subconscious.

On the other hand, maybe this cleaning and organizing of my kitchen/life/world is futile and doomed. I mean, unless all the laws of Physics are wrong (and those Physics professors always sounded way too sure of themselves) then the universe by its nature goes from organization to chaos. So isn't cleaning my kitchen an unnatural act?

Exercise du jour: Speaking of unnatural acts, the goal is to drag my sleepy self out of my warm cozy bed and do 30 minutes on the exercise cycle before heading into work after coming home from work.
Done! Finally. The exercise cycle doesn't give the same feeling of getting somewhere while you pedal, but it is still a good alternative to the road on a dark and stormy night.


McB said...

This is when you apply the ODT principle.

estyle - for the fasionista computer nerd.

Lu said...

So the dishes need to be done before I go to bed. That must be why my mornings have that "what is that messy vibe I'm getting" feeling. Tonight I start anew. Hope you're well.

Dr. J said...

Mary, if you are ever going to get it done, you must make it a habit, buddy. If I could do it for you I would.

Cat said...

Ah, Flylady. I have a (mostly) clean house, thanks to her. Now if I could just work on me... Heh.