Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures in shopping: Manuel gets a girlfriend

I've been draggin', my energy level saggin', my conscience naggin'.
Only one thing to do in a situation like that.

Yes, I went shopping.

It wasn't quite as bad as when I went to buy Orlando Manuel, my manual treadmill. But it still had moments of oddity.

Picture the scene: me in a crowded store, trying out the elliptical. Little kids tugging on their mother's sleeve as they pass by "Mommy, what is that lady doing?" (Honestly, does No One in this world ever try out exercise equipment before they slap down the credit card? Am I the only one?)

And the result is Manuel's new girlfriend: Ellie.
Ellie the elliptical machine. Bear sold separately.

She's a bit clanky, but I can get my heart rate up quickly and keep it up in the workout range without too much stress. I know it's exercise, but it doesn't feel like I'm working as hard as I am. I often don't realize how hard my heart is going until I check my pulse. It doesn't feel like as much work to get a workout using the elliptical machine. (Well, it doesn't feel like it until I get off. Then the muscles make themselves felt.)

Plus, she was 70% off, which appealed to my cheapskate frugal side.


solarity said...

More elliptical envy! (Crabby, are you watching?) And cheapskate envy, too! 70%, whoa.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

Great job on getting a bargain!

I agree, it is easy to overwork on an elliptical. Maybe that's why I like them.

C said...

What a steal!

MB said...

Awww...Manuel and Ellie make a cute couple.

Of all the machines at the gym I get the best workout on the elliptical. It is the easiest on my old knees and gets my heart rate up quickly and keeps it up easily.

Have fun hanging out with the new couple.

Theresa said...

Well done on the bargain shopping! And options are always good when it comes to exercise.

Shelley said...

When Ellie met Manual - can't wait to hear how they get along!