Monday, November 16, 2009

Plotting: it gives the dog something to do

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Found the dog sweater. In the back of the yard, behind the laurel bushes. For some reason, there were a number of large sticks woven through the leg holes.

I think she's made it her job to find new ways to de-sweater herself. German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, and she spends a lot of time alone in a back yard. She's probably enjoying herself... at least a little.

The good thing is that it looks like she's wearing the sweater for some time after I've left, which means she's wearing it when it's really cold outside. Hopefully she doesn't take it off until the day's warmed up a bit.

Exercise du jour: I aim to walk four miles. If I happen to jog a wee bit along the way, well, that's okay too.


solarity said...

Always a relief to know a missing object is not inside the dog.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

I hope she gets more used to the sweater as the days grow colder.

Good for you for the exercise!

McB said...

Kids - they just don't appreciate craftsmanship.

frizodd - my new favorite swear word

Crabby McSlacker said...

Glad the mystery has been solved!

So perhaps she was weaving sticks in there to show her creativity, and she only hid the sweater behind the bushes so she could surprise you later with her creation?

Or, um, maybe she's just not into the sweater. There's no accounting for taste.