Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feast or... well, let's think of it as the other feast, okay?

Coach sez, if we win this  tonight we get a whole carrot - EACH!
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Okay, so it's back to the vegetables. I lost ten pounds by eating a 90% vegetable diet. I got so I liked eating vegetables and good stuff. Then my innards got so crantankerous that I went back to eating a diet of mostly saturated fat. Last week, the doctor said "IBS" and gave me lots of pills that are supposed to let me eat all the veggies I want.

Except now I'm out of the habit and don't want to eat good no more.

Operation brainwash commences. Carrot crunching shall now ensue. Note: if I seem a wee bit cranky this next week, it's ain't PMS. (Yes, I am also being a good girl and eating all my Weight Watcher points. I'm not trying to deny myself fattening food. I am trying to train my taste buds to like vegetables again. It worked before.)

Exercise du jour: Walk five miles today.


Dr. J said...

Hey you can do it, buddy!! 1.4 Billion Chinese can't be wrong :-)

Tricia said...

Maybe start making veggies in a way your body "thinks" tastes more fattening to slowly faze in?

Like spaghetti squash with sauce (although there is the "is squash a veggie/fruit?" debate) or mashed cauliflower. Yum!

McB said...

Veggies are good when you're losing weight because the "crunch" is satisfying. What you need to add is strong flavors. Dill pickles are good because you get both, and I believe WW still considers them free points, yes? I also got a lot of help from apples when I was weight watching. Not free, but the fiber balances the sugar calories so the points stay low, plus you get both crunch and sweet for satisfaction.

With other raw veggies, try using a vinagrette as a dip. Lower in fat than the typical creamy dips, but the vinegariness is also more satisfying to the tastebuds.

Charlotte said...

Ooooh you have IBS too?! It sucks royally. It took me a while to figure out my triggers for it but now I've got mine pretty much under control sans meds. For me it was any fried/super fatty foods that set it off (pizza and buffalo wings are the two biggest offenders...) Good luck with yours! E-mail me if you need sympathy (even from the bathroom;))

The Merry said...

Charlotte, you too? It's encouraging to think that I'm not going to be stuck popping pills forever. I wish eating pizza made me sick -- it's the opposite. Good healthy vegetables make me ill. Most unfair :(

Ruth said...

I'm a little late to the game here, but I've noticed that there are certain vegetables that reek havoc on my innards (HELLO BROCCOLI) when they are raw, but that I have no problem eating when they are cooked. And I mean UBER-COOKED. And, I know that's not as good for you, but it's better than not eating the broccoli (or whatev) at all, AND I prefer it to taking the pharmas.

So, have you tried/noticed any difference, cooked vs. raw?

The Merry said...

Hi Ruth!
Sadly, the only difference I've noticed between cooked and raw veggies is that it's much harder to force myself to eat the cooked veggies. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it takes me back to being 4 years old and going through the whole "you're not leaving this table until those vegetables are eaten" thing. (We had very holy vegetables in my house -- my parents would cook the hell out of them.) Ugh.