Thursday, November 05, 2009

Revenge of the human

Warning: post contains photos that are either excessively sentimental or graphic in nature (i.e. nekkid dogs).

This is what I did to my dog today.
Are there treats involved in this?

It's mean of me, but I must confess I kinda enjoy it.
Seriously. I'm not doing this for nothin'.

Granted, I can't leave her wearing this while I go off to work. She got out of the sweater in five minutes. If left on her own she'd get out of this coat faster than a stripper who's late for her next bachelor party. But just for right now, she's warm.

Five minutes? I'd be out of this in five seconds.

If I were feeling really mean, well... the little red button lights up.

This is an updated picture of what the dog looks like without her sweater.

So she'd better get used to wearing outfits.

At the moment, I can't give her any prednisone or other steroids. She's what the vet called "immune compromised." He put her on a couple different antibiotics, which should help. Maybe.

It occurs to me that she really is turning into some kind of chihuahua. When she's outside she's usually shivering. She has to wear outfits. I have to lift her into the car or up the steps. Might as well start carrying her around like an accessory. (Hey, she's only 70 pounds. It's good exercise.)

Exercise du jour: Went for an hour long walk at lunch, today and yesterday. (And the day before, for that matter.) So that's three days walking in a row, and no complaints. I think the legs are back in business. Now all I have to do is get the neck better and I'll be able to get back on track. Probably. And least until I catch the consonant flu or until the dog Strikes Back.


messymimi said...

Dogs Strike Back.

Sounds like a good movie title.

Did your plan of letting her shiver a bit and then putting a dryer warmed sweater on make any difference?

Congrats on being able to take walks again. Something we take for granted until it goes away.

C said...

I'm surprised she doesn't immediately runaway when she sees you approaching with strange pieces of cloth/knitting. I guess that means treats are involved. :)

JavaChick said...

Love that outfit - too cute! Glad your legs are finally feeling better.

Marste said...

Oh, poor baby. Do you know what she's allergic to? My sister has rat terriers and they are allergic to EVERYTHING. Including grass. Yes, really. What kind of God lets a DOG be allergice to GRASS?? (One with a sadistic sense of humor, that's who.)

ANYWAY. My mom has figured out all kinds of things that help mitigate the allergies in the terriers, so if you know what your baby's allergic to, I can ask my mom . . .

The Merry said...

The allergy specialist narrowed it down to Oregon. When she spent the winter in California, she stopped scratching and grew all her fur back and more. She's had the odd flare-up during the summer, but something about autumn seems to make the allergies worse.

Keziah Fenton said...

Ok, I'm rethinking the coat design. She'll get out of it too easily. I can put in sleeves and a neck so that she's trapped. Trapped I tell you :)

expers- we're close, really close but not quite there

solarity said...

There should ALWAYS be treats involved!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Marste said...

Ouch. Yeah, that sounds like my sister's dogs. FWIW, my mom put the dogs on a raw food diet, and that seemed to help a lot. They still have allergies, don't get me wrong, but they're not gnawing themselves until they bleed anymore. *wince*

Mom buys various cuts of meat at the store, bones included (bones are good for canine jaw strength and keeping their teeth clean), and feeds them that. (It's a little disconcerting to see a small dog "kill" a chicken leg and then crunch through the bone! (And don't think it's bad: raw chicken bones are edible to dogs: the don't splinter the way cooked ones do.))

Might be worth a shot. Email me if you want me to send you my mom's info. (She's WAY into "no pills" so sometimes she's got some good fixes. Although she did finally put the littlest dog on pills to get her system straightened out, Mom's hoping to get the dog back OFF pills ASAP.)