Thursday, November 12, 2009

And she ain't saying

In the struggle of woman vs. dog ... the saga continues thusly.

It got down to the mid-30s this morning. I threw the sweater in the dryer for about a minute, which warmed it up nicely. Her ladyship had been outside for awhile and, yes, was shivering. Didn't seem to mind the sweater when I put it on, and she was still wearing it when I left for work a few minutes later.

And I haven't seen the sweater since.

Can't find it anywhere.

Dog only knows what happened to it.

Exercise du jour: Been walking a couple miles a day. The legs are cool with it. Hopefully by next week work will calm down a bit so I can get some time in on the exercise front.


BCB said...

Oh dear. If Her Ladyship The Baby Wolf is anything like The Wonder Dog, said sweater will make a reappearance at a time and in such a manner (and with such an odor) that you will no longer be able to continue with your good night's sleep.

Poor baby. And poor you.

The Wonder Dog once ate an entire boxwood bush. Yes, the whole thing. Months later, I read an article that informed me they're toxic. It didn't offer an opinion about the digestibility of sweaters.

glogle: noise often made during unexpected reappearance of sweaters

Lizzie said...

maybe she ate it?? :)

messymimi said...

Let us hope she has simply managed to put it so far under or behind a piece of furniture that it will look like a giant dust bunny when it is finally unearthed. Beats hearing a glogle!

Tricia said...

Good job on the walking...and good luck with the sweater search! :)