Thursday, December 11, 2008

Waving at Chocolate

Thought du jour: The other night I read the weight-loss memoir of Diet Girl, an amazing woman who lost over 170 pounds, slowly, through exercise and diet. The first part of the memoir described how she gained so much weight. It was interesting to read about how she used food to self-medicate her emotions. Especially chocolate. If something went awry, she developed intense cravings for chocolate. This is the second weight-loss memoir I read about a woman who used to overeat, binging on unhealthy foods. (I suppose that last adjective is redundant. It's not like anyone ever binged on celery.)

The other night I was really depressed. I could feel myself sinking into a depression, and there on the counter before me was a chocolate bar. So I thought, why not? I tried it.

Diet Girl described in detail how it felt to bite into a chocolate bar. The chocolate sensations went from her taste buds straight to the pleasure centers of her brain. From her description, it sounded like intense waves of pleasure radiated from the chocolate throughout her body.

I took a bite of chocolate; the sensations of chocolate went from the chocolate to my taste buds. And stayed there. No waves anywhere. I must be doing something wrong. Or there's more than one way to get fat.

Exercise du jour: Week 7 of the couch to 5k.
Done! Really weird -- I've been fighting a virus all day, feeling rotten. Felt okay when I was actually running shuffling around. Now I'm feeling rotten again. Weird.

Chocolate courtesy of Flickr.


McB said...

No waves for me either, and I go for the hard stuff with the highest cocoa content. I still enjoy the chocolate, but no instant high.

Oh, and from your earlier post, yes, people really did buy houses as kits from Sears. I don't know if they put them together themselves.

reing: answer that, will you?

JavaChick said...

Not everyone gets that reaction from chocolate. Not everyone gets that kind of reaction from any food item. There are some that will do it for me, and really good chocolate is one of them.

If I get really, seriously depressed though, I don't want to eat. So yea, I'd say there is more than one way to get fat.

Jenn said...

Okay, that really cracked me up. I love chocolate but I just think I like the taste. :) Maybe i takes practice!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I get the wave.

But the intensity decreases as I eat more; the trick is learning when to stop for optimal pleasure.

It's a trick I still haven't mastered.

Word verif: adicte--which sounds like French for Addict, which I am.