Sunday, December 07, 2008

Reverse-Christmas Insomnia

Yes, Santa, there really is a Virginia...

I've decided my recurring insomnia is caused by the reverse-Christmas effect. Supposedly, children eagerly go to bed early Christmas Eve because they're trying to make Christmas Day come sooner. Me, I find myself staying up late, even though I'm tired, in an attempt to put off the next day's arrival. I'm took off work yesterday; maybe that will help. (The bad news is, that means I have to go in to work today.)
Sad thought -- several people were in tonight; some had worked all weekend.

Week 7 of the couch to 5k. Can you believe I'm in the seventh week of this thing??? (Yes, that question does call for multiple question marks.)
It's odd -- even though I ran indoors this time (fog so thick I couldn't see across the street), it still feels like I ran at a faster pace this time. Knowing that I could run for that long made me curious to see if I could pick up the speed a bit.


C said...

So sorry about the insomnia, but way to go on Week 7 of C25K. That's fantastic!!

Verification word: readmi. Yes, yes I will.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So sorry to hear that about the reverse-Christmas effect.

But great news on the exercise. It's supposed to help with mood and sleep--lets hope it hurries the heck up.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Whoops, just realize my last comment could be misinterpreted! Only mean that I hope you feel better soon and can start looking forward to the day. Sounds a little like SAD maybe?

BCB said...

That first line made me laugh. My dad was a debate coach and one of their tournaments was in Virginia, MN -- which I think is way up on the Canadian border -- and on the score sheet there was a line to write "location," and that's what he wrote.


Reverse Christmas? Does that mean you have to give back all the gifts? You do still have my address, right? Good.

Just keep getting off that couch and running. And pushing up. And whatnot. It has GOT to be better than the alternative. Sleeping late and sitting around the house all day doing nothing is-- um, well, actually it's very nice. Never mind. Forget I said that.


dissent: since when did blogger start offering opinions on comments?

Heather said...

I definitely am the same way sometimes, although usually I am so freaking tired that I cant stay up even when I want to!