Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture me freaking the cow-orkers

The push up challenge has become steadily more challenging. To the point where my inner slug is starting to devise ways to thwart me from getting through it.

The harder the set, the longer I need to rest afterward, the more likely the inner slug is to suggest getting up and doing something else while I wait. (Slug: You have to wait two whole minutes between sets? What are you going to do with all that time? Why not check your email... oh look, you need to respond to that email right away...)

To un-thwart the situation, I've started slipping in a few sets while I'm at work. This is usually safe, since the cubicle walls are over 5 feet tall and I'm not on a main traffic aisle. (Plus, the office cleaner is a lot more conscientious about that vacuuming stuff than I am.) It's perfectly safe.

Except for last Friday.

Picture me, lying on the floor psyching myself to push the body upwards one last time.

Picture me, suddenly noticing my nice, shy cow-orker* pausing in the doorway to my cubicle.

Picture me, quickly getting up on my hands and knees and trying to pretend I was looking for a paperclip.

I don't think the ruse worked.

Dang. I mean, he's a really nice guy, but extremely shy. I've just gotten him to the point where he will say "Good morning" instead of ducking his head and blushing as he passes by.

Exercise du jour: Passed the 2nd week test -- barely -- of doing 16 push ups in a row. So it's on to the 3rd week.

Push up challenge, week 3 set 1

set 1 10

set 2 12

set 3 7

set 4 7

set 5 max (at least 9)
Whew! (wipes brow)
Plus, 3 miles walking (albeit at a snail's pace over the ice)

*Look, it's a local spelling. At least, it's local in Silicon Valley (and Dilbert cartoons).


Crabby McSlacker said...

You probably made his day! It's not every day you can stop by and find someone lying on the floor face down at the office for no apparent reason.

Now maybe you can catch him to explain, mention how embarrassed you were to be caught doing attempted push ups, and give a shy guy a chance to feel in on the joke, which I bet he rarely is.

Jenn said...

Okay, that really is kind of funny. Like Crabby said..maybe it's another way to break the ice!