Monday, September 05, 2016

Progress Report & Goals for September

Oddly enough, my subconscious seems to have decided that since I'm taking a couple days off, that meant I didn't have to schedule in exercise. Sorry, no. Doesn't work like that.

Looking back on this re-boot of my exercise program, I can see progress. Mostly because I started from a state of complete slug, but I'm still calling in a win. When I first went back to the elliptical, I felt it, actually felt the level of effort in my muscles. Now, I can go for an hour again. The muscles aren't sore the next day, but my legs feel as if they got a workout.

I want to start becoming systematic about the goals I need to achieve. Set up a way to push myself. The problem is, there isn't really room to go back to the dance videos I used to follow. I've got room in the exercise room for the elliptical and a whole bunch of Stuff That I Have To Go Through. All right then. That'll be part of this month's challenge. If it's between me and my exercise goals, I'll have to tackle it.

This is going to be a challenge.

  • AM: 15 minutes elliptical - done
  • Noon: One whole friggin' hour tackling the STIHTGT.- done
  • PM: 15 minutes elliptical


Anonymous said...

Tackling the SIHTGT is always hard. I did a bit of mine on Saturday and, hello!, I can actually see parts of the top of my dining table now (turns out it's not actually paper all the way down). But there's still a ways to go. Isn't there always? - GG

messymimi said...

Just like the muscles adapt and get stronger, so the stuff cannot resist a sustained assault.

The Merry said...

I hope that's true, Messymimi. There's less of it, anyway. A little less.

GG, there's something underneath all that paperwork???? I'll have to keep digging to find out if that's true for me as well :)

solarity said...

Oh, the STIHTGT, yes. I have lots. Hm. And when I get on the hated stationary bike (which I will be doing more and more as the fall pollen makes exercise outdoors the opposite of healthy) I am surrounded by it. Is there some strange attraction between exercise machines and STIHTGT?

Mary Anne in Kentucky