Friday, September 16, 2016

Winging it

Okay. No elliptical, not much room to flail my arms around, but still the need to exercise. I am going to try this video. I like the way everything she does is restricted to the area around the mat on the floor.
  • AM:15 minutes video Done! I didn't do everything quite as peppily as the instructor, but this does provide a workout.
  • Noon:32 minutes video Fail. Put it off, due to work, which is dumb but I did it.
  • PM:60 minutes raking those leaves, since the dang trees seemed to have shed a whole new lot of leaves onto the lawn. Semi-fail. Took a long walk instead. The leaves are still there, waiting for me. Lurking.


solarity said...

My yesterday's exercise was all yard work. First less than half an hour walking behind the mower (it's just amazing how fast it goes when the grass isn't soaking wet!) to mow half the yard and then an hour of cutting small trees out of the flower beds and pulling weeds and trying to find the edges of my front walk. They're there somewhere. That was awfully hard to classify, exertion-wise. There was a lot of bending and pulling, and lifting and hauling. I wasn't sweating, but I did feel "worked-out."

Mary Anne in Kentucky

messymimi said...

Hope you got it all in, especially the leaves!

The Merry said...