Monday, September 12, 2016

I need a snooze button for Mondays

Ugh. I'm not here right now. At least, my mind isn't. It's still in bed, with a pillow covering its ears and a hand reaching out to slap that snooze button into oblivion. In other words, Ms. Cheerful is not in the office. Sadly, the need to exercise does not have a snooze button. I'm going to compromise by just doing a basic routine.
  • AM:15 minutes elliptical Done! Got my heart rate, which considering how unmotivated I was when I started, is surprising. But I'll take it.
  • Noon:30 minutes elliptical Done. Eventually. If you consider 'noon' to be 3 pm.
  • PM:60 minutes elliptical Done. Late, but done.

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