Monday, September 26, 2016

A little seasoning

I suspect it's the changing of the seasons... the whole getting darker the morning thing... that makes it harder to keep to exercise-or-else mindset. I don't seem to do very well with transitions. Once things get back on track, I'm fine. So then, logically, the thing to do is just pretend that things are on track. Fake it until the seasons and my circadian rhythm catch up.

  • AM:15 minutes dancing Fail
  • Noon:30 minutes dancing Fail. Life is interfering with my plans.
  • PM:60 minutes dancing Done. I accomplished ONE thing today. That's good enough.


messymimi said...

They way they yank us back and forth on this time change thing, i wonder if we ever do get back on track. Maybe i need to build my own tracks.

The Merry said...

I like the idea of my own track :)

solarity said...

Definitely need to build my own track!

Mary Anne in Kentucky