Saturday, January 08, 2011

Back to pointless exercise (End of the HBBC challenge)

Quote du jour: “Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” - Stephen Covey

Since the start of the HBBC challenge coincided roughly with my bothering to track my weight again, I can say definitively that while doing this challenge I have lost 6-1/2 pounds. Except for the two weeks around Christmas, where I gained a little over 3 pounds, I've lost roughly a pound a week since November 20.

If it weren't for the HBBC challenge, I probably would've skipped a few of the elliptical sessions. Focusing on the challenge instead of focusing on the candy canes was helpful.

It was good, but I'm glad it's done. I'm feeling challenged out now. Time for a rest from that kind of thing... maybe for the next eleven months. Sounds about right.

Exercise du jour: Learned something yesterday. Two 45-minute elliptical sessions can leave your muscles a little sore. Today I'm doing nothing more strenuous than some good stretches. Maybe a little light yoga. No points to earn any more.
Done! Worked a brisk jog/walk into the day. Just one mile, but enough to get the blood flowing.

Engraving: Madame Roxey Caplin
demonstrates the chest expander


Lee said...

Wow - congrats on your weight loss. Results are so motivating!

Roxie said...

WTG on your loss and I think I've got some workout clothes just like hers! Or at least my backside looks like that in mine!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your stretchy stretchy.

messymimi said...

Congratulations on going the distance on the challenge.

inkgrrl said...

WOO! Good for you!