Monday, January 03, 2011

Doing squat at work

Not an actual picture of my office... just an approximation

Word du jour: Am-knees-ia (n). A condition where you forget how bad your knees are until you try to bend them.

It doesn't actually help with getting through long tedious meetings, but doing squat turns out to be useful for other things besides challenges.

At work, there are a large number of computers that need to be kept from overheating and are not stored in a closed-off room. The office thermometer must stay on the low end of comfortable, so I tend to go around bundled up in several layers, like a globular bear. (Yes, even in July.)

Now, if I'm cold or really want to freak out annoying co-workers find myself getting sleepy after lunch, I do a few squats. Because squats use the largest muscles in the body, doing them gets the blood flowing and the body warmed up pretty quickly.

Also, doing the occasional squat helps my knees remember how to bend. Flexing the knees helps keep them from stiffening up.

Now I just need to figure out how to do squat and get paid for it. Any ideas?

Goal of the month: All vegetarian, all the time. So far, so good.

Exercise du jour: I really hate posting this goal, since I've flailed on the jogging for the last week or so. A couple weeks ago, it was effortless. I'm wondering if the difference is the temperature -- maybe I just need to adjust? Especially hard after coming back from a balmy Christmas in California.

Jog/walk/crawl 3 miles, depending on the temperature.
Done. 4 miles. Didn't crawl, at least. Plus, 30 minutes on the elliptical and 100% veggies means HBBC = 7
1/4 - HBBC 1 (veggies)
1/5 - walked 3, veggies HBBC 4
1/6 - walked 3 miles, jog/walked 3 miles, ellipticalled 15 minutes, veggies. HBBC 8

United States Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang


Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Good job getting in the exercise at work. No picture? :)

You can do it. I wouldn't recommend crawling three miles. It's pretty tough on the hands and knees. But walking and/or can do it!

messymimi said...

Just keep thinking, "Three miles is easy, i can and i will."

Keep doing squats at work, and you can argue when someone tells you that you don't do squat there. Okay, i'll stop.

Dr. J said...

Love the photo, Merry!

I wish more offices had treadmill desks as work stations.

Marste said...

Oh gosh, I didn't realize you'd been in California! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet!

But the vegetarian things sounds like an interesting experiment - I'll be interested to see how it works out for you!