Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tanji takes a stand

Trust me. I can read a lot from my dog's body language. This is a pretty close approximation of what she was thinking.

Well all right, human, I'll go and stand in that wading pool and endure that cruel ritual known as "Having A Bath." It's so humiliating, allowing you to pour warm water over me -- and the less said about that coconut-scented shampoo the better.

I really do not approve of your behavior in this matter, but I know how I'm supposed to act: German Shepherds are dignified, noble, and Do What Their Human Commands. Because that's what they do.

So I'll stand there in that stupid wading pool and get drenched, and shampooed, and rinsed off, but I'm going to make it a point of honor that I keep one leg outside the wading pool at all times. Just to let you know that I Do Not Approve of this.

I hear about people whose dogs have to be tied up and almost anesthetized before they'll get into a bathtub. I should feel lucky that I've only got a dog who will give me The Look before letting herself get covered in suds.

She really did need the bath. The vet told me to bathe her frequently, as it will help with the itchy skin problems caused by her allergies. And I really don't see it was such a terrible hardship, for all she thought otherwise.

So ... if I'm being such a good owner, why do I feel guilty? The air temperature was over 90 degrees out there, and the water in the shallow wading pool was definitely on the warm side (I'd say 70 degrees). It felt pleasant when I stepped in it. Plus she got a couple treats out of the deal.

Still, I feel like a mean human.


messymimi said...

You are not a mean human. Dogs just like to smell the way they smell, and take care of their own bathing, thankyouverymuch. They don't understand what the fuss is all about.

Did you ever read Cleveland Amory's "The Cat Who Came For Christmas"? It has a bathing the cat story that is similar, you might enjoy it.

English Rider said...

You're getting her confused with a Labrador:) A Mother has to do what she knows is best for her children, even if they don't like it.

rssasrb said...

And so she achieved her objective.

JavaChick said...

Same reason I feel like a mean cat Mom every time we have to put our cats in the car and take them too the vet? And why I feel mean for keeping my cats confined to a nice, large enclosure in our yard instead of letting them roam free? I'm just doing my best to keep them healthy and safe but I can't explain it to them, so I feel guilty.