Monday, July 12, 2010

Methinks he needs some other kind of meds...

I think it must have been the new ("Hypoallergenic") makeup, or maybe the "really safe, but strong" sunscreen. Over the weekend, on two occasions my left eye has started to itch so badly that I end up tearing up and need to rub the eye, which of course then becomes extremely bloodshot. You’d think I was stoned, or had been crying, except that it’s only the one eye that has the problem and as it happens, I have two.
So I’m out in my front yard, trying to get some watering done whilst rubbing the eye, and this door-to-door salesman guy walks up to me.
“Are you okay?” he asks.
“Yes, it’s just allergies.”
“Oh, I have those. I’m from Utah, where we don’t have a problem with allergies, but out here… what meds are you taking?”
“I tried Benadryl,” I said, “but it made me sleepy.”
“Oh, you don’t want to try that stuff,” he said. “Benadryl made me crazy where I found myself holding a knife to my roommate’s throat… and I couldn’t remember a thing about it afterward. You don’t want to take Benadryl.”

Um… y’know… after that, I didn’t feel up to asking him what the ‘safe’ allergy medicine was. I just took the pamphlet and told him I’d think about the stuff he was selling.

Exercise du jour: 8 miles cycling

Done! Damn I'm good. Done my exercising 2 whole days in a row -- I feel smug.


messymimi said...

That is a scary salesman. I might be tempted to buy just to get rid of him.

Yes, you are good. Just don't get cocky -- the "gods" don't seem to like cocky.

JavaChick said...

Weeelll.....It seems to me I seem to recall Husband talking about hallucinations in connection with taking Benadryl, but at the time he'd been stung by a bee and dropped like a stone (seriously allergic) so I think he was given other drugs in addition to the Benadryl (way before I met him so I was not there).

Way to go with the exercise! I have done 3 days in a row, but mainly short sessions. Better that nothing, right?

VRaz60 said...

Kudos on the exercise. You ARE good. Gotta say the salesman kinda creeps me out. That must have been quite a Benadryl high he had goin'.