Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sun-burned cheeks

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Question 1: A bicyclist approaches a four-way stop. On her left, a motorist reaches the stop after the cyclist has already stopped. Who has the right of way?
a) The cyclist.
b) The car.

Answer: According to the motorist, the answer is b. Why? "Because I'm driving a car."

Question 2: A lone bicyclist wants to cross a busy street. She came out of a side street and had a stop sign, while the traffic on the busy street had no stop sign. The cyclist waits for the cars to pass, then confidently rides out in front of oncoming cyclists as they came down the road (down a steep hill and at a good rate of speed). Who has the right of way?

a) The cyclist who had the stop sign.
b) The cyclists who did NOT have any stop sign.

Answer: According to the lone bicyclist, the other cyclists should have stopped to let her pass in front of them. Why? "Because I'm also riding a bicycle."

Moral: the rules of the road depends on your perspective, and the Driver's Handbook only applies to the other guy.


Exercise du jour: 10 miles cycling.
Done! My sunscreen must be past its expiration date; I am nicely red-cheeked now. Thankfully, not in the sense of the cheeky guy in the photo. On the plus side, my knees aren't bothering me at all! So far, at least...


messymimi said...

Good for the knees! I hope they keep behaving.

Remember, now that you've learned it the hard way, that sunscreen doesn't totally prevent sunburn, it just makes it take longer for the sun to burn you.

Oh, and next time, come ride your bike past me. I believe in always letting the bike go first.

Roxie said...

Unfortunately, I'm seeing some very interesting attitudes towards cyclists. Stay safe!

Amy said...

boo to sunburn, yay to happy knees!