Friday, July 16, 2010

“Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.”

Hugh found his love life had gotten much simpler
since he invented his own puppet woman.

Quote du jour: A man works all his life in a glass factory, one day he feels like picking up a hammer. - Harold Diddlebock (Harold Lloyd)

Some weeks, making it to Friday feels like I've achieved a tremendous victory.
This is one of those weeks.

Exercise du jour: Back to cycling. 8 miles minimum. They've stopped doing work on the ducts, so the allergies should be okay. I hope.
Done! Plus, five miles walking.

Photo courtesy of Gandalf.
The guy on Flickr, not the wizard. I think.)


LaShaune said...

Have an awesome Friday, Merry!

Dr. J said...

I know that Friday feeling, buddy! Glad you are alright and carrying on!

Your posts have such great titles!!

Roxie said...

Oh, I feel sure it's the wizard.

Have a great weekend....

English Rider said...

Is that my pony?

Merry said...

I'll let you have the pony so long as I get Hugh :)

messymimi said...

May your weekend turn out to have been worth the wait.