Monday, June 28, 2010

Those sheep were starting to look pretty good

Oh please. You know me better than that.

What I meant was that my lawn-trimming plan was based on the necessity of having a non-wet day outside, and after several weeks of non-stop rain, the grass was getting... well, I worried about having to send out search parties when the dog went out in the morning. I was starting to daydream about getting a couple sheep for grass-trimming.

Luckily, it stopped pouring long enough for me to do the necessary yard work, but it turns out that there's a guy actually running a business for problems like that one. This guy rents out goats to clear out "unwanted vegetation and noxious weeds." Of course, they'd probably also clear out the roses. Might almost be worth it -- according to the article, the goats are especially fond of eating blackberry bushes.

Exercise du jour: After several doses of vitamin I, the swelling around the knees has gone down. Going for three miles of walking.
Fail. Though I swear to God it's not my fault. For once, no guilt. Some pain though. For some reason even though I have gone out of my way not to use or abuse them, the knees are still friggin' complaining. I don't know what I did to piss them off. I'd swear the bicycle seat was the right height -- and anyway, I've been riding that bike for several years without the knees raising a fuss once. Maybe I've shrunk and that's why I can't ride a bike without knee complaints.


carpeviam said...

I've heard those are rampant up here. The blackberries. Not the goats.

Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 said...

Oh, my gosh, you had me almost fall off my chair laughing with your opening line.

I have a smörgåsbord in my yard for a party of sheep. The lawn could also use the fertilizer.

The Merry said...

Can I just say how impressed I am with your use of diacritical marks in HTML? :)

C said...

Hope the knees stop protesting soon. Also, belated ooooooos and ahhhhhhs re: photos in the last post. Perty.

messymimi said...

I believe I remember reading that Mrs. Wilson kept sheep on the White House lawn for that purpose during the Great War (WWI). You would be in good company.

If the knees don't recover in a day or two, you might want to have them looked at, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Shelley said...

Poor you take fish oil? I swear that has helped me, although it takes a week or so to kick in, so no real help to you now.

Off topic a bit, but I saw a show on VHI about celebs who lost weight, and the biggest guy (some actor from the show Popular - never watched it, never heard of him) lost over 300 pounds and because his head and feet lost so much weight he's two inches shorter now. Weird, eh?