Sunday, June 13, 2010

Surviving the family reunion

Survived the road trip and the family reunion. Plus, scored some nifty stuff.

Number of people who made fat jokes: 0 (nice change)
Number of deer who wanted to meet my front bumper: 1/2 (he changed his mind at the last minute)
Number of people who asked me when I was going to have my poor dog put to sleep: 4

So, win some/lose some.

[Dog update, for anyone who cares: Since what she's allergic to is the local environment, the road trip helped her. Plus, the Atopica is kicking in. She is getting better. And I'm not going to have her put down while she's still interested in life, food, and belly rubs. So long as she's comfortable, I'm going to let her do what she likes.]

Plus, I scored another piece of exercise equipment: a cross-country skier/rower machine. Actually, it's not what I'd call a rower, since the rower seat is fixed and you only move the arm pieces. But the cross-country part works fine. And I couldn't argue with the price, since it was free.

Exercise du jour: Spent part of the afternoon doing weight lifting, i.e. picking up, carrying (okay, wheelbarrowing), and raking 20 50-lb bags of gravel. I think I sprained something.
Als0, 30 minutes cycling, an activity which does not involve using my shoulder in any way.


C said...

Family is both a blessing and a curse. I'm supposed to go to my brother's baptism next month. Really don't want to because am wary of weight comments. Greeks have no tact.

Glad you and Tanji are home safe and doing well. :)

McB said...

So glad to hear your wolf is doing better! And yeah, why is it your dog has to pay the price for other people feeling uncomfortable? Huh.

Amy said...

if any asked me when i was putting my dog to sleep i would probably shoot them so i'm really impressed with your patience and/or lack of bullets.

messymimi said...

Family. You can't live with them, and there aren't enough places to hide the bodies. :)

I agree that animals that are still interested in life, and able to live it, should stick around. Timing is everything, and it should be, as my vet said, "When their bodies have quit but their minds don't realize it yet."

Please stop spraining things. It makes you cranky, not merry, and cranky is Crabby's job.

JavaChick said...

I cannot believe people asked you when you were going to put down your dog. I think my response to that would have been less than friendly.