Monday, June 14, 2010

Terms of endearment

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Really, you'd think everyone knows by now that I don't appreciate being called 'hon' or some other condescending moniker by some young whippersnapper young enough to be my daughter.

Apparently people in Roseburg do not read my blog.

While the nice young man was filling the gas tank, I went into the store for sugary caffeiny substances to keep me alert on the long drive down I-5.

It was a small store, with the cashier chatting with a friend. "Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll ring you up, hon."


Recalling McB's sage* advice, I responded appropriately. "Thanks, hon."
The girl replied, "no problem, darlin'."
"That's kind of you, darlin'," says I.
"No problem, dear," she says.

At that point I gave up. If I'd kept going, I would have called her another word, and it wasn't 'dear.'

Looking back, it occurs to me that I should've called her 'kid' or something like that. Would've been more polite than the word that I'd wanted to use.

Site du jour: Gina, of Fit by 41, maybe 42, is trying to re-motivate by starting a challenge. It's good to have company for these things, and I'm certainly not Miss Motivation right now, so I'm in. When I get to work, I'm going to make a pot of herb tea. That way, I'll be sure to keep up with the drinking water. One good thing about work, they have some tasty herb teas.

Exercise du jourWalk 5 miles.
Semi-done, but I'll take even 2 miles as a victory. Plus 2 pots of herb tea, so I did good on the drinkin' side of things.

*And thymely, too.


C said...

I like getting endearments from random people. Well, as long as they're not sketchy. At the market I get called 'love' a lot and when I'm up north, I get the occasional 'lass' which I really like. As long as it's not ma'am, I'm good.

Good luck with the challenge. If I didn't have to make yet another commitment, I would join up too. :)

JBM said...

Oh sweetie that's the worst.

Samantha said...

When I was a bartender I got in the bad habit of calling people hon. It drove my boss crazy and probably half the people I served! It eventually started to drive me crazy too and I stopped (well i also stopped bartending so maybe that has someting to do with it) Its definitely a hard habit to break though!

McB said...

For the record, that's not what I told her to call the cashier. But her version is more family friendly.

undiqui - what happens to ... okay, I really can't say that on someone else's blog.

copwize - why I couldn't say that on someone else's blog. heh. Blooger is so danged helpful sometimes. It's a little scary.

Gina said...

The only time I like those terms is from a sincere elderly person.

After I started having kids I accidentally called someone "Sweety." At least that person was younger than me, but I was so embarrassed.

messymimi said...

Down South, you will get this all of the time. It's habit, most of them don't mean anything by it.

I try to watch it, and I'll keep closer tabs after this, I promise.

Merry said...

In the South, or in the North of England, it's a cultural thing. Even then, you don't address someone old enough to be your mother as 'hon' though, right?

Charlotte said...

Oooh I hate being "honeyed" too! It just feels so condescending. That and "sweetheart".

mender said...

My fav name to call peeps is "cow-pie." But in this case I will make an exception, I'll call you "grumpy." (in a nice way of course.) My name is burned toast.