Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My cunning new plan

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My cunning new plan is working. I cannot stir foot in my living room without tripping over exercise equipment. (Tripping burns calories. These little things add up.) Occasionally, rather than tripping over the exercise equip, I land on it instead. Which leads to something approximating a workout.

Hey, maybe I look silly. But if it works? I'll take it. Any bruises that occur in the process, well, they add local color.

Site du jour: Far Beyond the Stars. He wrote a post on How to Live with 50 Things, which is the exact opposite of the approach I've been taking re exercise equipment. I don't know if I could pare down my life to that extent, but the idea has an appeal to it.

He apparently got so minimalist that he had to go to the laudromat every week since every single piece of clothing he owned needed washing. I don't think I could take matters that far.

Another approach was taken by the guy from Get Rich Slowly. He marked the clothes that he took out of his closet and found that it really was true: he was only using 20% of the clothes he had stored in the closet. Methinks I would find the same situation in my closet.

Of course, the reason I keep holding on to clothes I don't wear is that they're too small for me right now, but 'any day now' the weight will magically drop off and I'll fit into them: I will look beautiful, the sun will come out from behind the clouds, and unicorns will frolic with rainbows in my weed-free backyard. Any day now.

Perhaps I couldn't pare down my clothing to just a few items, but it's time to start thinking of what I could let go. Dare I let go of Manuel? With my new toys, I have been neglecting him of late.

Exercise du jour: 30 minutes cycling. Plus, I want to try 10 minutes of cross-country, just to see if I really like it.
Done! Well, the cycling anyway. I didn't do the cross-country, but that wasn't my fault. Well, okay, it was, but ... oh, the explanation is too tedious. Short version: no iPod, no cross country. Still got a workout, so I figure that gold star is mine.


JavaChick said...

I am also waiting for unicorns. When I do, I have just the right thing to wear. Can't wait for that magical mystical day when clothes in my closet will actually fit me!


Dr. J said...

Actually I don't think tripping burns calories, but getting up sure does! My latest activity has been, gee I've fallen and I can get up! Getting tired of the bruises however :-(

Gina Fit by 41 Maybe 42 said...

It was nice to visit Cranky Fitness, again. Funny post.

I don't know about your manual, but if you're holding on to a Manuel, don't let him go. (I was going to say something naughty like he's the only exercising equipment you need, but I didn't want to embarrass you or anything). ;)

PS - drink up

Jennette Fulda said...

I am moving several boxes of skinny clothes across the mountains to North Carolina for the same reason. Unicorns, baby!