Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking the 'ex' out of exercise

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Quote du jour:Mach-S, the speed at which stress can't keep up, is simply forward motion. But it has to be self- propelled. Note that people in cars are still stressed. -Jef Mallett

Site du jour: This is a Fat Myth Buster site. (Try clicking on any of the ads there.) Almost as good as the classic Cranky Fitness post about those Flat Stomach ads.

And maybe French Women Don't Get Fat, but apparently French Men Do. At least, they're being sold creams that they can rub on their bellies so the fat disappears. It works! (The label says so, so it must be true.)

Good/Bizarre/Quirky du jour: Scale Junkie has a friend who is doing a half marathon to raise money for breast cancer detection and recovery. What's so quirky about that? She's doing the half marathon... while hula hooping. Read more here.

Exercise du jour: Cycling. Lots and lots of cycling. Or some cycling, anyway. I've decided I don't wanna cycle. Still tired & short on sleep. But I'm going to walk, at least. Time to get back into exercise -- any kind of exercise.
Fail. I decided instead to stay out of trouble with the I.R.S. and file my taxes, and then after that I had to walk my mother through some on-the-phone computer support. I've only got one mother, and probably won't have her for more than another decade (is that too morbid? sorry), so I suppose I should put her needs above exercising this once. And I can't blame the I.R.S., for fear they'll come after me if I do. So... try again tomorrow.


Shelley said...

You know, walking is underrated. And that's what I told myself this morning when I took a couple of walking breaks during my run. It felt great to just walk - and I hope you get to do that today. Hugs to you, my overworked friend!

josie said...

While hula hooping?! OMG!

Theresa said...

Nothing wrong with walking. At this point, I think just getting your center and becoming reacquainted with what it feels like to have a normal day (as opposed to a worked like a dog day (no offense, Tanji)) is a worthy goal.

I've been in your shoes kinda sorta, and yes, sleep. I actually think that comes before exercise on the list of primary needs.

messymimi said...

I'm still mad at your employer on your behalf.

Please do get a walk in. It will probably help.

Rob Dyess said...

Great post!!

How many times have I been tempted?!?!?!?! WAY TOO MANY!