Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die"

Not sure why I've got that line stuck in my head. Maybe because I feel like I'm expected to talk?
Okay, okay, I'll talk.

It's all Theresa's fault. She's been exercising, and blogging about it.
I can't let her do that kind of thing all alone. Wouldn't be polite.

Exercise du jour: Walking. I'm setting my sights low, but what the hell, sights are sights. It's exercise, and I'm going for it. You can come too. Let's start a trend.
Done! A measly two-mile walk, but I'll take it and be grateful.

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LaShaune said...

Just don't waste your time reading The Man With the Red'd want Bond to die after reading that trivial piece of crap.

I love your stick figure drawings. That make me laugh!

Anne H said...

Now that wonderful line is stuck in MY head!

Theresa said...

Oh, so now I get to be the motivator. Talk about pressure.

Theresa said...

P.S. You can do it! Go kick that walk into submission.

messymimi said...

As we say in the south, you can hit a lick at a snake -- meaning do something as it is better than doing nothing.

WapakGram said...

Your blog is the highlight of my night. I love it.

I need to get myself back on the exercise trail. Now I have BOTH you AND Theresa to contend with.

You are my hero.

droped- what you feel like after you've exercised.

Theresa said...

Hey, a walk is a walk. You got out there moving for at least 30 minutes, so go you!

Larkspur said...

I love that cartoon.

Walking is great.

Meg said...

Exercise is exercise! Better to walk than to sit on the couch. And two miles is a decent walk at that!

Mmmmm....xkcd is awesome....

Rob Dyess said...

Yeah.... Meg is right, we have to start somewhere and exercise is exercise. Two miles is a nice long walk!!!

Good job.