Monday, April 26, 2010

Still going

Summary du life: Still going. This should be the last week of Totally Crazy Work, and next week I can get back to really working out. I am still going to post my exercise up here; I want to keep the habit of exercise even if it's only walking.

Site du jour: Moose in the Kitchen wrote a post that I love, about believing that what you are is enough, and how dissatisfaction can paralyze you from getting anything done. "It helps to sit down every morning and quiet my brain until it bypasses the Squirrels of Judgment and get to the deeper knowledge that I am a good person and I do have things to contribute to the world."

Exercise du jour: Walking. Boring or exciting, it's walking and I'm going to do it.


messymimi said...

Thanks for your contribution to the world.

Keep walking and you will see a difference.

Lindsay said...

Walking is awesome! Keep on it and it will pay off :)