Friday, April 09, 2010

Or else

It's funny, albeit not in a humorous sense.
A month ago, I thought nothing of jogging a mile or two.
Well, I thought it wasn't really such a big deal.
Doable, anyway.

Now, I'm cursing that arrogant twerp that was Merry-from-February. What on earth was she thinking? I feel as if gravity has increased within the radius of my immediate surroundings, binding me to the earth. My legs feel like they've been filled with lead rather than muscle. The streets look unfriendly, the sidewalks unfamiliar. I can't run. I can't jog. I am sedentary. I am a rock, an island, a Paul Simon lyric.

On the other hand, maybe I should stop taking myself so seriously.

I do realize that once I get a couple days of sleep and healthy food, I'll start thinking the exercise and I can exist in the same room.


In either case, I will start doing strenuous exercise. Just not today.

Today, I'm going to -- for the 4th time this month (i.e. in the last 9 days) -- do a final give-it-all-you-got-skip-meals-and-exercise-just-write-the-damn-manual push.

Tomorrow is a different story. Or if it ain't, there will be pain. Not mine.

Exercise du jour: After work, there will be walking. Even if "after work" means 9 or 10 at night. I Have Spoken.

Update du 3:05 am: Okay, I was being optimistic in my definition of 'after work.' I'm still trying to finish up that blighted manual. The exercise du jour will have to be moved forward to today. Later. After I finish up and get some sleep.

Yes, I think the workload will ease up now. But I've thought that before. We shall see.


Roxie said...

Good luck! After all this work stress, you really might like the mindless walking.

Amy said...

better than art garfunkel

Liz said...

I played on my Wii last night. I went on a 1.16 mile bike ride courtesy the technology... and never got on a bike. (Among other things like a jog and such...)

I hope you're able to get back into your groove soon... and get some sleep.

Larkspur said...

Sorry gravity has it out for you.

Hope you smoke that manual.

Thank you for the nice picture of Wolverine. OMG, what a body. Is it my 43 year old hormones, or it getting hot in here?

JavaChick said...

Sleep is good. Definitely get some of that.

Hugh? Also good...

Theresa said...

I think I'm beginning to understand your fascination with Hugh. :)

Please tell me you don't have to work this weekend.

The Merry said...

Well, it's technically the weekend now, and I'm still working, so I guess that's a yes. But the end is near.

I'm going to walk once I finish this manual. Probably about 3 in the morning, which is not all that far away now.

Hugh is supposed to make you feel like working out -- gosh, you really need to take care of that cough. It sounds awfully like a snicker. I MEANT because Hugh so clearly works out, and the results are pleasing :)

messymimi said...

Hope things look better after today.

VRaz60 said...

Hey, you'll "Get 'er done", try not to stress about it too much. Some things happen in their own time. Keep at it!!

Cat said...

Well, I hope the manual is finished! Especially since I realized I am writing this about 24 hours AFTER you said... (I so love insomnia. DO NOT WANT.)

Anyway, if you go to my blog, and email me (address at bottom... OF THE BLOG, heh), I will let you know what's what about where it is I am...

Anyway, at least I have something very pleasant to look at while I am not sleeping...


Tricia said...

have a great week!