Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I can do anything for fifteen minutes

Well, except hold my breath. Or stand on my head. Or listen to the NBC commentary on the Olympic Games. Or... Well, all right, there are several things I can't do for fifteen minutes. But exercise is not one of them. I'm going to try breaking up some of the exercise sessions into smaller portions today, just to see how it feels.

Exercise du jour:
Morning: 15 minutes elliptical. Done!
Noon: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes yard work. Done done
Afternoon:60 minutes elliptical. That'll be my endurance portion of the day.Done! Almost gave up, but I thought "just a few minutes more" and after several "few minutes" I made it.
Evening: 15 minutes stretching.


messymimi said...

You can tolerate doing almost anything, even stuff you hate, for 15 minutes, too. Congratulations on completing that hour!

The Merry said...

Thank you! That was a challenge. Except I can't seem to fit the simple little 15 minutes of stretching in. I forget!