Sunday, August 26, 2007

First roadblock

I ran across a terrific article on weight loss... and as soon as I remember where I found it, I'll reference it... wherein the author contended that the people who lost weight and kept it off were the ones who didn't see roadblocks as anything more than temporary.

I've just encountered my first roadblock. My knee has taken to hurting whenever I get up from a chair or push down on a bicycle pedal from a complete stop. I've been driving the evilSUV for the last few days, and I'm being extra careful with those treacherous chairs. The danger is that I'll lose my impetus, the forward drive that has kept me going so far. I don't want to slide into the couch potato patch again.

The things I'm doing to make sure I keep up my exercise program:
  • I've put my second bike up on a magnetic trainer, so I can pedal gently without having to put too much pressure on the knee.

  • I've finally unwrapped the Pilates DVD and tried it out. Yes, I can definitely feel it. (I know that's not aerobic exercise, but I want to feel as if I've been working out, so I'll still feel that I'm making progress.)

  • I've stopped riding my commuter bike, and I'm going to give it a tuneup. It feels harder to pedal in gears that have been comfortable before, so I'm wondering if I need to grease something or clean something or... well... do something to some widget. (Mental note: find wherever I put that bicycle repair book.)

I'll see if this helps.

It doesn't help that I'm up to my elbows in work at the moment. Makes it harder to prepare veggies and ensure I've got a healthily stocked refrigerator. (I'm apt to grab something fast foodish if I'm starving and there isn't "good" food ready at hand.)

Oh, @#$! it. I can stay up late tonight to finish the manual. I'm going to put myself first for a change. I'm going to go cook healthy vegetables. Now.


BCB said...

Well, thank you so very much, Miss Mary. It took a few posts, but you have guilted me into it. I am now Organized. I have just prepared and packed up a delicious nutritious lunch and snack to take to work today. I'm blaming you.

Of course, by the time I get home tonight I'll be craving a glass of merlot and some crusty French bread covered liberally with soft fragrant brie -- good thing I am now Organized and do not have any of those things in my house.

I don't have a bicycle either. And I'm not going to get one. Nope. No matter how easy you make it sound. No way.

I did, however, dust off my treadmill yesterday.

The Merry said...

Now there's an unexpected benefit to exercising -- the opportunity to make other people feel guilty! I like it.

And, um, BCB, hon? I'm not sure that dusting your treadmill, while laudatory, counts as calorie-burning exercise. I'm just saying.

BCB said...

What, you mean I can't just bask in having accomplished laudatory behaviour for a few days? You expect me to actually USE the damn thing? Geez.

Ok, fine. But not on a Monday. I'm going to have to get back to you about the other days of the week.

I am a very adept procrastinator, in case you hadn't heard.

Hedgehog said...

Good luck! It's hard to get back on the horse after you take a break, isn't it? I think the reason I am so out of shape, honestly, is because a few years ago I was sick and was banned from exercise for about 3 months. Before that I ran every day, and I missed it for the whole 3 months, but afterward? I couldn't get myself back out there. I'll be thinking happy willpower thoughts at you!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Good plan to try extra hard on the eating healthy when the exercising gets difficult.

I'm lazy and hate shopping and cooking but I'm always really glad when I do it.

And does walking get your knee irritated? Not too calorific, but sometimes that can be something to keep doing when everything else hurts so you don't feel like you're totally falling off the wagon.

Oh, and BCB--I've got plenty of Merlot in my house, I count it as a Health food because of all the antioxidants in it! Plus red wine has that reservatrol (sp?) stuff in it that keeps you alive forever. Or something like that.

The Merry said...

Hey there Crabby!
Thanks, the knee is improving. It's fine with walking or cycling; the only thing that seems to annoy it is sudden pressure such as pushing down on the pedal when starting off on the ride or when getting up from a chair. Once I'm going, it's perfectly happy. So hopefully this means it's not really messed up, just complaining. Fair enough, the rest of me complains too!

And if you go around telling people about your stash of Merlot, you'll have a lot of people knocking at your door, people who are very interested in health. Yeah, that's it, health. ;)