Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Week 4, Eat to Live

Quote du jour: “Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong'.
Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.”
― Charles M. Schulz

UPDATE:Done. I do feel a bit silly. Okay, a lot silly. But I did it anyway.

Made it through week 4 of the Eat to Live diet. Couple slip ups. Not with eating meat or grains or such, more a matter of eating things that I THOUGHT were low sodium, but turned out not to be. I shall avoid all sauces for the next couple weeks.

Usually, I don't track my weight this closely, but for the six week diet I decided to make note of how well it works. On Sunday, I gained four pounds overnight. An overnight gain like that suggests water retention, hence my suspicions about the sodium levels in the sauce. I'm not asking for advice on how to change this; I am merely keeping track.

Otherwise, I am enjoying the simplicity of this diet. Lettuce might not be very exciting to eat, but I like how it makes me feel full without feeling weighed down by greasy food. I don't have any qualms about eating with people who are downing French fries and cheeseburgers. So long as they don't expect me to join in, it's all good.

Exercise du jour: 15 minutes waving my arms around with an exercise band and trying not to feel foolish. If people stare I will smile and nod and Act Confident. What the hell.

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Keith said...

Compared to what I see some people doing, 15 minutes waving your arms around with an exercise band is dignified, and appropriate.

Sauces and dressings are brutal. We're trying to cut them out. So far so good on salad dressings and such. Other sauces leads you to condiments, and life gets tougher there. Good luck with it all.

A robot test. Sigh. I failed twice on another blog, and that was after coffee. I am quaking in my slippers here.

Anne-Marie said...

Good for you. If you are interested in support for a similar plan check out the discussion forum on Not exactly the same, but (mostly) great like minded people. Some of the success stories are amazing!!!!!! I find McDougall's starch more sustainable for me. Good Luck

messymimi said...

Water retention can be a motivation killer. Glad you won't let it stop you.

C said...

It never really occurred to me to think about salt content in certain foods and its subsequent role in water retention. I'm always fixated on the amount of sugar in things, particularly spaghetti sauces and such where it doesn't need to be. I eat enough sugary stuff as it is, so I wanted to cut down on that. It's good that you've gotten me thinking about salt too. I could definitely cutback on that as well.

The Merry said...

Sorry, Keith! I agree, the robots are a pain. And they're taking over...

Thanks, Anne Marie! I'll check that out.

MessyM, I won't let it bother me, at least not unless it continues.

Xenia, I'm using the NetDiary app to track calories, fat, and sodium. It is an eye opener sometimes.

Julie said...

I *STILL* don't have any of Joel's low sodium dressings but we did invest in a few of the ingredients yesterday, so my hope has not died.

(I miss the crap foods, I really do.)

Go you! Salads and arm bands, yipee!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, I'm impressed at your willpower!

Water retention is so annoying, but at least it's temporary. Great you didn't let it mess with your head.

Unknown said...

Love the Charles Schulz quote! And I'm glad the diet is going well. I am going to try growing my own lettuce this year - the fancy kind that looks so pretty in a bowl. I have heard it's super easy to do right in a pot.

katyL said...

Just popped over from the reFab site. Your comment about daffodils got me laughing but then noticed your comment about Downton Abbey--so fab to see a fellow fan! Plus, I see you're an elliptical gal like me too.

Your site looks fun. Don't know a thing about the Eat to Live bit, but love the quotes. I'll definitely be back to poke around some more, but supposed to be writing now & should get back to it.

Thanks for providing another great blog to add to my list:)

The Merry said...

Hi Ellen! When I tried to grow my own lettuce, it starts out great... then not so good :( I think my green thumb needs a new paint job.

Hi KatyL! The Eat To Live diet is based of Joel Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live." Even if you don't agree with him 100%, he's got some good theories and the research to back it up.