Friday, September 21, 2007

The Michaelangelo Makeover

On the other hand, for those of us who aren't incredibly talented Renaissance sculptors, maybe we do. Can you achieve your goals totally on your own, or do you sometimes need outside help to lose weight and make your body look something like your ideal?

What do you do when you need help achieving your goals?
    Ever try something like:
  • Posting a weight-loss blog so you can feel accountable to people for achieving your goals. (Even if you do find yourself in an endless same-3-pounds cycle. What, me bitter? Never...)
  • Joining a gym? Does it help to have lots of other sweaty people around you?
  • Finding a workout buddy? (And finding one who's going at your pace instead of a million -miles-faster than you are?)
  • _________?
I'm wondering if I should be trying a Plan B at this point, or if I should just keep plugging with my current game plan and work on that Patience stuff.

On the other hand, it's Friday! Once I get through today, I've got a whole weekend to hike or bike or ... well... who knows what. But there will definitely be some fun and some exercise happening.

Happy Friday!

******Obligatory disclaimer du jour***********
(Yes, this probably needs to be said. My intention with the opening picture was not to disparage personal trainers. I've never used the services of one, but there are some informative and motivating blogs out there written by personal trainers. (Phit-N-Phat comes to mind.) I am sure they are good people. My opening was a cheap attempt to hook the reader's attention with humor.)
****End obligatory disclaimer du jour**************


H said...

I'm ACE certified as a personal trainer, and work as a fitness coach... and I didn't find it disparaging. You absolutely do not NEED a trainer to do anything. They didn't give me a magic wand after the test... it's still the person doing the hard work. Trainers are just convenient sources of information and motivation, and that helps some.

I started seeing a trainer recently-- even though I know the information, because I'm a cardio-fiend and needed accountability for weight training because I tend to lack motivation despite knowing how very important it is.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm too cheap to hire a trainer but I think they're a great motivator for a lot of people.

I'm also too stubborn and persnickety to take direction well, and I like to decide for myself when I'm going to really push myself and when I need, either physically or psychologically, to take it easy. So I'm not a great candidate, but I know lots of people who swear by them. Good luck with this impasse! And console yourself with the fact that you're doing healthy things for your body every day that you'll be happy you did down the road.

The Merry said...

Heather, I'm glad that didn't come across as mean. It's hard to know how people will read things, but I certainly didn't want to offend anyone.
Crabby, I too hate people telling me what to do, even if I'm paying them to do it. Sometimes it's good to have a second opinion on whether you're on the right track or whether you should rework your game plan. Not necessarily a personal trainer. Katharine, from Editing my Body consults a nutritionist for possible tweaks to her diet plan.
Maybe I'll just be patient for a little while longer and see what happens.